Nixon Watch Battery Replacement Chart

Need a replacement battery for your Nixon watch? We've got you covered.

Keep in mind that your warranty won't cover your watch if someone other than an authorized Nixon technician opens the case back. So, if you're having your watch serviced within the warranty period, contact us directly. And if your watch is beyond the 2-year warranty, you can choose to have it serviced by a certified jeweler of your choice.

Nixon Time Teller Replacement Battery Nixon 51-30 Chrono Replacement Battery Nixon Regulus Replacement Battery Nixon Heat Replacement Battery

If your watch is under warranty or if you want one of our technicians to replace the battery for you, visit our Repair Center and we can help!

Here's a list of our most common Nixon watches and the battery they take as a reference.

Once you have your battery size locked in, here's how we recommend changing a Nixon watch battery.

Nixon Watch Battery Size Chart

Watch Model

Battery Model

286 CR2025
500 SR626SW
38-20 Chrono SR626
42-20 395/399
42-20 Chrono SR626
42-20 Chrono Leather SR626
42-20 Chrono PU SR626SW
42-20 PU 395/399
48-20 Chrono SR927
48-20 Chrono Leather SR927
48-20 Chrono PU SR927
51-30 395/399
51-30 Chrono SR626
51-30 Chrono Leather SR626
51-30 Chrono PU SR626SW
51-30 PU 395/399
51-30 TI SR920
Advisor SR626SW
Agent SR626SW
Alice SR616SW
Answer CR2025
Anthem SR920SW
Arrow SR621/364
Arrow Leather SR621/364
Arrow Milanese SR621/364
Ascender SR621/364
Atom SR1120W
Axe SR626
Baja CR2450
Banks SR416SW / SR616SW
Base CR2025
Base Tide CR2032/CR2025
Base Tide Nylon CR2025
Base Tide Pro CR2430
Bianca SR626SW
Big Player SR626
Block CR2016
Block SS CR2016
Bobbi SR626SW
Boss SR626SW
Broken Heart Pendant SR626SW
Bullet SR621
Camden SR626
Camden Chrono SR927
Cannon SR626
Capital SR626SW
Capulet SR626SW
Chalet SR521SW
Chalet Leather SR521SW
Channel T 395/399
Charm SR527SW
Chron SR626
Chronicle 920
Chronicle SS SR920
Cleo SR616SW
Clerk SR621SW
Clique SR626SW
Clique Leather SR621/364
Clique Milanese SR621/364
Clutch SR626SW
Coax CR2016
Comp 394/380
Confidante SR416
Connect CR2032
Corporal SR626SW
Corporal SS SR626
Cougar SR621SW
Cruiser SR626SW
Crystal Compact L CR1616
Decision SR927SW
Deck SR626SW
Delta II PU CR2032
Delta II SS/PU CR2032
Descender SR920/371
Descender Sport SR920/371
Deveaux SR621SW
Dial SR626
Dictator CR2016
Diplomat Renata 371
Diplomat SS Renata 371
District SR621SW
Don SR626SW
Don II SR626SW
Dork CR2032
Double Wrap SR527SW
Duchess SR621SW
Duke 364
Dynasty SR626SW
Dynasty Leather SR626SW
El Dorado SR621SW
Elle SR521SW
Esquire SR626SW
Esquire CS SR626SW
Facet SR626SW
Fairfax Pendant SR626SW
Famous SR927W
Fidelity CR2016
Flair SR626SW
Flower Pendant SR626SW
Foot Soldier SR621SW
Formula SR927W
Gauge SR621SW
Gauge PU SR621SW
Gearhead SR626SW
Graduate SR621SW
Graduate SS SR621SW
Groove SR626SW
Half Nelson SR621SW
Heat CR2016
High Tide CR2450
Housing CR2032H
Identity SR626SW
Insider SR41SW
Iris SR626SW
Ivy SR521SW
Jane SR626SW
Jett SR621SW
K Squared Milanese SR626/377
Kensington SR626SW
Kensington Leather SR626SW
Kensington Milanese SR626/377
Kenzi Leather SR626SW
Kenzi Wrap SR626SW
Key SR626SW
Kink SR626SW
Kinky SR626SW
Leather Banks SR616SW
Limo SR621SW
Lizzie SR616SW
Lockdown SR621W
Lodown CR2032
Lodown II CR2032
Lodown S CR2025
Lodown TI CR2032
Loft SR621SW
Luca SR621SW
Lynx Acetate SR626/377
Magnacon SR927
Magnacon Leather SR927
Magnacon SS SR927
Manual SR626
Maven SR521SW
Mayor SR626SW
Mazzy SR521SW
Medium Kensington SR626/377
Medium Kensington Leather SR626/377
Medium Time Teller SR626/377
Medium Time Teller Acetate SR626/377
Medium Time Teller Milanese SR626/377
Medium Time Teller P SR626/377
Mellor SR626SW
Metal Atom SR1120W
Metal Dork CR2032
Metric SR626SW
Mini B SR626SW
Mini B SS SR626SW
Mini GTO SR621SW
Misty SR626SW
Mod SR626SW
Mod Acetate SR626SW
Mod Leather SR626SW
Monarch SR621
Monopoly SR626
Motif SR626SW
Mullet SR626
Murf SR626SW
Naughty SR626SW
Neutron CR1616
Newton SR626SW
Newton Digital CR2025
Nice SR626SW
October SR920
October Leather SR920
Odyssey SR621SW
Operative SR621W
Optimist MT621
Optique SR621SW
Outsider CR2032
Outsider Tide CR2032
Passport SR927
Passport SS SR927SW
Patrol SR626/377
Patrol Leather SR626/377
Platform SR621SW
Player SR626
Porter SR621/364
Porter Leather SR621/364
Portrait SR621SW
Powerslave SR621SW
Prepstar Collection SR616SW
Primer CR2025
Private SR626SW
Private SS SR626
Producer SR626SW
Professional PU SR626SW
Purouette SR616SW
Quad SR626SW
Quatro SR626
R1G1 SR920SW
Raider SR621SW
Ranger 45 SR626SW
Rayna SR621SW
Reason SR920SW
Recruit SR626SW
Regulus CR2450
Regulus Expedition CR2450
Regulus MK-1 CR2450
Regulus Stainless Steel CR2450
Re-Run CR2016
Revolver SR626SW
Rhythm CR2032H
Ride SR927
Ride SS SR927
Rig SR626SW
Ripley CR2032/626
Rival CR2032
Roadie SR621SW
Rocio SR626SW
Rocker SR621W
Rotolog SR626SW
Rover Chrono SR626SW
Rover II SR626SW
Rover SS II SR626SW
Rubber 42-20 Chrono SR626SW
Rubber 51-30 SR927W
Rubber Player SR626
Rubber Re-Run CR2025
Ruckus SR626SW
Score SR626SW
Score PU SR626SW
Scout SR626SW
Scout Leather SR626SW
Sentry 38 Leather SR626SW
Sentry Chrono SR626SW
Sentry Chrono Leather SR626SW
Sentry Leather SR626
Sentry SS SR626
Shelly SR626SW
Siren SR616SW
Siren Milanese CR2025
Siren Stainless Steel CR2025
Skyline SR416SW
Small Channel T 395/399
Small Don SR626SW
Small Kensington SR626SW
Small Lodown CR2025
Small Player SR626
Small Scout SR626SW
Small Ticket 321
Small Time Teller SR626SW
Small Time Teller P SR626SW
Socialite SR626W
Special Ops SR621SW
Spencer 394
Spree SR626SW
Spree Pendant SR626SW
Spur SR621SW
Staple CR2032
Starlet SR626SW
Steelcat SR927
Stinger 44 MT621
Sultan SR626SW
Super Hero CR2025
Super Hero II SS CR2032
Super Hero II TI PU CR2032
Super Rover SR927W
Super Tide CR2032
Superior SR616SW
Tach SR621W
Tach PU SR621SW
Tangent SR927SW
Tessa 362
Thalia SR626SW
Ticket 321
Tide Rover TI 395/399
Time Teller SR626
Time Teller Acetate SR626
Time Teller Canvas SR626SW
Time Teller Corp SR626/377
Time Teller Milanese SR626/377
Time Teller OPP SR626
Time Teller P SR626
Time Teller P Corp SR626/377
Time Teller Solar MT621
Time Tracker SR626/377
Trader SR927SW
Tribella SR621SW
Trigital CR2016
Trixie SR621SW
Union Square SR621SW
Union Square SS SR621SW
Unit CR2025
Unit 40 CR2032
Unit SS CR2025
Vector SR626SW
Vega SR626SW
Venture SR621W
Vixon SR626SW
Widgi CR1620
Wit SR626SW
Wrap SR527