Zach Miller

Zach Miller is more than your average Southern California skateboarder, shaper, photographer, film maker, surfer, artist, world traveler and creator. Zach eats, breathes and bleeds all things fun on land or in the sea from either side of the lens. He is right where he wants to be doing just what he likes to do.

Zach started pushing around on a little hand-cut skateboard at the age of three, as one does when their father is a legend in the space. After years of dedication, Zach has carved out a professional skate career all his own. What’s more is that he is cultivating culture within the community that raised him. Social Surf Club is the name of the boutique shop he opened in Encinitas, California. If you’re ever in the area cruise in and maybe you will time it right to catch a party with him and the homies.

Follow along with Zach @zakramiller on Instagram.