Time Teller Solar

Sentry Solar Stainless Steel and Leather

Optimist and Light-Wave

A collage of the Nixon Sentry Solar watch and a light bulb

Solar Watches & Sustainability

Nixon is doubling down on our commitment to sustainability. From our line of products made with Other People’s Plastic to our integration of solar watch technology, we embrace environmental responsibility. Our line of solar-powered watches, including the new Optimist and Sentry Solar, utilize solar charging technology to create timepieces that limit battery waste. How do these solar watches work? You can learn everything about the inner workings of Nixon solar watches at our blog.

Learn How Solar Watches Work

Nixon was born on surf, skate and snowboards in Encinitas, California in 1998. Our mantra is: Team Designed, Custom Built. We partner with world-class athletes, artists, activists, musicians and makers to create the best gear possible. Nixon’s premium watches, bags, apparel and accessories help people push the limits while looking their best.

Nixon Solar Watch FAQs

Nope! All of our Solar watches charge in any light, including artificial office light. Keep in mind that your watch will charge faster in direct sunlight, but you'll generate enough power from artificial light to keep your watch ticking all day... and beyond.

You won't need much light exposure to keep your Solar watch working for days and days. Just a few minutes of direct sunlight (or an hour under office light) is enough to power your watch for 24 hours.

A single full charge is enough to power your watch for months. You can expect about 4-6 months of power when you've reached a full charge.

Yup! All of our Solar watches featured here are water resistant up to 100 meters.