Nixon pays tribute to 2PAC by crafting this series of 5
limited edition watches drawing inspiration from the legendary artist and his poetry.

2PAC 51-30

The original oversized watch featuring 3 gold roses on a custom black dial, black raised Roman numerals, and a custom 2PAC hit on the bezel above the crown. Two custom-colored pushers bring this design to the next level of sophistication.

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2PAC Corporal

The 2PAC Corporal watch reflects boldness and ambition, with a striking design and a two-tone gold on gold band that commands attention. Emblazoned with signature iconography and custom etched bezel this watch symbolizes a commitment to authenticity and staying true to oneself.

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2PAC Sentry Stainless Steel

The Sentry watch is an embodiment of elegance. A two-tone gold and stainless-steel band with 2PAC between your 12 and 6. Custom printed dial with a Celtic cross along with a day date.

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2PAC Time Teller

The Time Teller fuses classic design with a details that represent 2PAC’s artistry. The gold Time Teller features a gold rose taking center stage and an all-black Time Teller with an embossed bandana print and gold chain that wraps around the dial.

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