Whether it’s waking up early to surf or packing up the car for a weekend trip, Nixon is all about enjoying the adventure of life. In order to enjoy that adventure, we need a healthy environment. We need to protect our playgrounds.

That’s why this month we’re teaming up with SeaTrees, an arm of the nonprofit organization Sustainable Surf.

Learn more about SeaTrees and their mission here.

A young mangrove tree sprouting

      The Nixon x SeaTrees Earth Day 2022 Partnership

      For the entire month of April, Nixon will be turning purchases of our Sustainable Product collection into mangrove trees.

      Each product from the line that we sell in April will become a mangrove tree planted in the Biak Island Region of Papua, Indonesia.

      1 product = 1 mangrove tree.

      Overhead view of the Biak Region in Indonesia

      The Biak Region of Indonesia

      SeaTrees team in Indonesia

      SeaTrees planting mangroves in Indonesia with locals

      SeaTrees planting mangrove trees

      A planted mangrove tree in Indonesia

      How to Get Involved

      Getting involved and helping us plant mangrove trees in Indonesia is easy. There are two ways to make your impact:

      1. Visit our collection of Sustainable Products and make a purchase. We'll provide SeaTrees with funds to plant one mangrove tree for every product we sell from the collection.
      2. To learn more or to plant or gift SeaTrees, head over to https://sea-trees.org/collections/products-that-plant.